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Add Non Conforming 15/1 ARM product to Marksman

Currently when an investor offers a 15/1 ARM product DIG is not  able build out due to product not being available in Marksman.

  1. DIG-48978 - Santander tied to a balloon product, confusing to customers
  2. DIG-49074 - Huntington - we did not build out the product

Need DEV work to make this product type available in Marksman database for DIG to build out products.

  • Brian Kohel
  • Mar 1 2017
  • Shipped
Rating BOB-1
Revenue or Retention? Retention
Workaround Present No
Impact to Existing Customers All
Customer ID(s) 37psmi01, 15htmc01, 10ccbk01
Business Value 2 - Important to a few, minor impact on brand, minor competitive advantage
Urgency 2 - Minimally time constrained
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  • Admin
    Lori Rezac commented
    March 16, 2017 21:18

    Santander is the one tied to a balloon product (Jumbo 15/1 LIBOR Arm (5/2/5 Caps 2.25 Margin) - Non Conf 30 Yr Balloon 5 Yr).

    Huntington has not yet been built out.

    Customers utilizing these lenders are broken down a follows:

    -Huntington Expanded is in 1 customer account.

    -Huntington Mortgage is in 4 customer accounts.

    -Sandander Correspondent is in 14 customer accounts.

    -Santander Wholesale is in 6 customer accounts.

  • Admin
    Lori Rezac commented
    March 16, 2017 21:37

    PrimeSource (37psmi01) is listed as one of the customers who have requested this or are impacted.  Which of their quoted investors are offers this product?

    How many lenders do we support that offer this product?

    Is this the only product we need to add?

  • Admin
    Lori Rezac commented
    April 10, 2017 17:51

    10ccbk01 would like to create 15 Yr ARM proprietary products, but are currently unable to do so due to system limitations.

  • Brian Kohel commented
    April 13, 2017 14:18

    15cfss01 would like to have the 15/1 ARM from Huntington built out as well