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Map DNA Eligibility Directly to High Balance Product

DNA and Marksman are unable to communicate if a product is conforming or high balance.

DNA needs to be able to tell the difference between Jumbo products and Conforming products, without relying solely on the loan amount.  DNA is unable to restrict conforming loan amounts for jumbo loans and vice versa.  Pricing adds restrictions to their database in order to tell Marksman which loan amounts apply to which products.

We have kept conforming loan amount restrictions in Access as a work-around, but this doesn't work for all situations.

  • Jessica Baker
  • Feb 23 2017
  • Moved to Prioritzation
Rating BOB-4
Revenue or Retention? Other
Workaround Present Yes
Impact to Existing Customers All
Customer ID(s)
Business Value 4 - Important to many, significant impact on brand, significant competitive advantage
Urgency 3 - Moderately time constrained
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  • Admin
    Lori Rezac commented
    March 16, 2017 20:23

    DWQ-11734 - Base vs. Total loan amount to be applied to Rate Grids (PennyMac specific issue)

    This ticket will require additional research by the DEV team.

    PennyMac (Parent ID 2616) is the main investor that is impacted by this issue and does not have a workaround.  There are 74 customers that quote this investor.

    Products that are impacted include all but conventional products, quoted 13,763 times in the last 30 days.

    Eligibility would need to clean up all lenders with a jumbo product (possibly a month long project).  Additional testing would be required prior to removing the Access restrictions.

    We are currently saving bad data for our point-in-time pricing.

  • Jessica Baker commented
    May 26, 2017 17:16

    Wells Fargo has updated their adjustments to reference TOTAL loan amount, while the value at which a product switches from conv to High Balance is based on BASE loan amount. We are unable to accomplish this at this time. We need to revisit the priority of this ticket.

  • Admin
    Lori Rezac commented
    June 9, 2017 17:18

    Notes from the BOB meeting:

    • Penny Mac caused the original problem but Wells Fargo is now having issues.  
    • Many lenders tend to follow Wells Fargo (eligibility alone has 5 parent IDs mapped purely to Wells Fargo eligibility).
    • This issue is causing the wrong program type to pull.

    It has been decided that this should be moved to BOB due to the urgency of keeping a large investor like Wells Fargo accurate.  

    • Please see quote volume by parent reports attached for both Penny Mac and Wells Fargo.
    • Also included is the quote volume for the high balance products for each lender.