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Send back product grouping ID and actual product ID in XML Message.

As a third party XML user, I need the ability to distinguish what product ID was queried and what actual product ID was returned for a product grouping so I can properly map back to my LOS system (example: when someone requests productId 4 and we return pricing for the Freddie mac grouped product, productId 1353, we need to return the productId group of 4 along with the actual product Id 1353 that was actually used.

  • Josh Lehr
  • Jan 19 2017
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Impact to Existing Customers Multiple
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    Lori Rezac commented
    January 23, 2017 22:30

    Byte issue.  Investor and product mapping.  Issue also came up with Sebonic and Sindeo.  For Sebonic, this is a deal breaker to move to Octane.  Need to get to Byte sooner than later.  Rates page export.