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Restrict Pricing User Interface

DIG has updated its protocol to restrict pricing when inaccuracies are recognized with our data.  The process that is used at this time is to add a Special Addin that will restrict pricing for all products that share a product category(s).  This could effect one product to upwards of a dozen products, depending upon the complexity of an investor's adjustments and overlays.  Additionally, a team member will need to manually update the message to Admin Users to be specific to the products that have been restricted.  The idea here is to create an interface, very similar to the Rate Grid interface, that will allow DIG team members to restrict pricing much more granularly.  At a minimum, the hope is to gain the ability to restrict pricing for individual products for any investor or group of investors.  Further, if the message center functionality could be included in this tool's ability that would be ideal.

The business purpose of this tool is to easily restrict pricing when the DIG team has recognized an error.  Many processes can recognize errors including: Adjustment Compare, Late notification from the investor, Problem tickets submitted by the customer, Internal Audits (manual and automated), Error Logs.  As the strategy of our business has been focused around accuracy for the past two years, the creation of this tool will allow the DIG team to quickly remove inaccurate data from being published and communicate to our customers that the company has recognized an error and is working to resolve the inaccuracy.  Over time, the adoption of the Restrict Pricing Protocol, made convenient by this tool, will decrease the number of errors reported by our customers and thusly help mold the customer's perception of our data's accuracy in a more positive direction.

Ideally, the tool would have these features:

-User Interface much like the Rate Grid - Investor(Parent and Sub-ven)/Product relationship

-Bonus features to include things like: Property Type, State, FICO, LTV, etc.

-Combine with the Message Center to include an email sent to customers detailing the pricing restriction

-A button to remove the pricing restriction

-Ability to link to HipChat, much like JIRA tickets can be followed.  This would automate internal communication when a Pricing Restriction is created, removed, and a reminder after a certain interval.

  • Matthew Theis
  • Apr 15 2016
  • Moved to Prioritzation
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