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Fix change log from Change Loan Terms page to not display pricing changes in a way LOs can see

Will Not Implement

We need to make sure that pricing changes from the Change Loan Terms page don't flow through to LOs viewing lock confirmation from Marksman. They didn't start doing that until the 14.18 release when we moved all manual pricing changes to the change loan terms page and modified the message that gets put into the history in such a way that the LO can now see the details.

We will also need to fix the email that users can send from the Lock Confirmation page. They could check the box that says "include lock history" and that has the same problem of showing lender pricing. As part of a temporary fix we have commented that checkbox out. When we do this fix we need to uncomment that checkbox.

  • Lori Rezac
  • May 8 2017
  • Moved to Prioritzation
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