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CRA lending

JP Morgan Chase Request:

*This would be an improvement to the accuracy of our existing pricing structure. Allow Census Tract data to dictate pricing in certain regions.

*I attached a couple of examples of how these are accounted for on both rate sheets and guides. We would need to have the ability to either identify what Tract they are based on the address in the file/check box/etc and income level. We believe we may be able to use the Area Median Income button that already exists in Marksman.

*This has some rather large interest by both Investors and Customers. SunTrust (who is a top 10 investor) has expressed interest in using our system if CRA functionality exists. Could be both revenue generating to get new Investors/Lenders in our system and retention of current customers. SunTrust alone has over 1000 loan officers.

  • Lori Rezac
  • May 8 2017
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