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Determine if Mortech should change MI configuration globally or per customer

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Submitted: 2015-08-19 13:08:44
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-----Customer Profile
Customer Name: National Bank of Kansas City
Customer ID: 17nbkc01
Loan Officer Name: Dan Stevens
Loan Officer Email:
Loan Officer Phone: 913-383-6442
Channel ID: marksman
Username: dstevens01
Password: *******
Loan Officer Branch: NBKC

-----Loan Criteria
Product: Conf Home Poss 97% 30 Yr Fixed
Product ID: 971
Product Code: N/A
Parent ID:
Vendor: All Vendors
Loan Amount: 255110
Total Loan Amount: 255110
PMI Amount: 0
Loan Purpose: Purchase
Purchase Price/Appraised Value: 263000
Down Payment: 7890
LTV: 97.000
CLTV: 100.000
Secondary Financing: None
Lock-In Days: 45
State: Massachusetts
County: Barnstable
FICO: 720
Units: 1 Unit
Condo: N/A
Occupancy: Owner Occupied
Target Price: PAR
Min/Max Rate: 2.000%/12.000%
View: Single Best Vendor
Metro: No
Manufactured Home: No
Waive Escrow: No
Round Price: No
MI Coverage: BPMI (Standard)
Coverage Type: Monthly Premium
Finance PMI: No
Declining Market: No
Annual PMI (%): 0.6

-----Loan Detail
Rate: 3.750%
Price: 100.002
Vendor: US Bank
Product: Conf Home Poss 97% 30 Yr Fixed
45 Day Wholesale Price: 99.402
Add-in Adjustments: -1.000
Special Bonuses: 0.000
Sub-Total: 110.000
Planned Cost and Profit: 0.100
SRP/Loan Level Adjustment: 1.700
Price: 100.002

Purchase FICO 720 and greater LTV/CLTV > 95% : 0.000: -1.000
Total Adjustments: 0.000 -1.000

-----Problem Description: Default
Marksman is not quoting a correct (or even close) PMI % on the 3% down Conventional product.

QuikTik Reference #: 2789

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