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Need a way to support fees in broker pricing

I have a new account, 40plus01, that uses "fees in" adjustments for most of their wholesale sheets. Some of them are a simple dollar amount that can be built in as a profit/cost adjustment.

4 of them have entire grids based on loan amount and product.
MB Financial - 7 customer using investor
Homeward - 20 customers using investor
Maverick - 20 customers using investor
Franklin - 17 customer using investor

Combined, to manually add them in, it's over 60 adjustments for one customer to manage. After speaking with Ryan Rathe, DIG doesn't have a great way to support the fees in sheets either. If Mortech supports wholesale pricing, we should have a way to support fees/in vs fees/out.

For 40plus01 - We have 63 cost adjustments that will need to be maintained by the customer and Mortech account manager.

Point of reference: for this customer they do broker on FHA only and for the entire state of MA. That means for each adjustment it has to be manually created twice to account for all products in Massachusetts.

This issue also came up with 44sfau01 with the stonegate sheet. Mortech added a "fee-in" version of the stonegate wholesale sheet.
Add closing fees to loan amount - this would solve this problem.

  • Lori Rezac
  • Apr 20 2017
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    Lori Rezac commented
    November 16, 2017 19:34

    Add closing fees to loan amount - this would solve this problem.