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Add Full Amortization Term to RateCloud Response

In our current RateCloud response, we only send back the initial ARM term on ARM loans.  Affinity Partners would like us to include the full amortization term for the loan since this is a field they display.  

  • Josh Lehr
  • Apr 13 2017
  • Shipped
Rating BOB-2
Revenue or Retention? Retention
Workaround Present Yes
Impact to Existing Customers Multiple
Customer ID(s) 46west01, 17cwfi01, 17nbkc01, 28ffsv01
Business Value 3 - Important to moderate number, moderate impact on brand, moderate competitive advantage
Urgency 3 - Moderately time constrained
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  • Admin
    Lori Rezac commented
    April 27, 2017 21:15

    Cosco has requested this - 4 of their lenders are not showing properly because of this issue.  Our competition already sends this information to them.

    Cosco is a sensitive relationship that provides 15,000 a month.

    Back-end already knows this information, it just needs to bring it into the output.

    It has been determined this should go to BOB.