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ZMM/Mystery Shopper VA refinance never quotes streamline/IRRRL causing disadvantage for Mortech customers

Rate cloud API supports a streamline/IRRRL mortgage type (mortgage type = 4) but ZMM VA Refi scenarios are never translated to a streamline/IRRRL. Even in mystery shopper you can select streamline for a VA refi but the API link still shows a mortgageType = 2 (refi) and not a mortgageType = 4 (streamline/IRRRL).

Fixing mystery shopper should be straight forward. However, there is no option to select streamline on ZMM you can only select refinance. A decision needs to be made on how we want to handle this for ZMM because Mortech customers on ZMM are quoting regular refi with fees of $11,000+ while non mortech customers are quoting streamline/IRRRL with only $2600 in fees.

Mystery shopper is no more

according to documentation here, we always quote VA refi to be IRRRL w/ w/ 

  • Lori Rezac
  • Apr 4 2017
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