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Lock confirmation email does not include lock offset for Due at Investor date

I have a prospect, Offset Difference, that shows a Due At Investor date of 6-22-15, and an Expiration Date of 6-12-15. This is because I have a 10 day offset in Marksman for Due At Investor date, so that's expected. The lock confirmation shows that, unless I email the confirmation. The email with the confirmation shows a Due At Investor date of 6-12-15. When in the prospect, looking at the Lock menu and selecting the Lock Confirmation, it shows the offset. Therefore, it appears only the email is incorrect, but that's huge when Secondary Desks email the confirmations.

lipConfirmation.jsp : Line 1036 - offset is included --> out.print(ols.getDueAtInvestor(app.getDueAtOffSet())); Line 4336 - offset is not included --> sb.append(ols.getClosingDate());
  • Lori Rezac
  • Mar 24 2017
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