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Lender Website displaying below par rates


Cabrillo Mortgage has a new lender website through our system. On the home page, we have the current rates displaying.
For the FHA products, we are showing the par rate, but with the Conf 15 and 30, we are showing very low rates with the borrower needing to pay 2.5 or almost 3 points to get that rate.
There is only one table attached to the lender website - flat 0.25 for all loan types. There are no adj or closing costs set up. The settings for the widget in Lender Website config doesn't have options for choosing which rate to select and there are no best offer strategies set up in their account.

I cannot figure out why we would be populating the par rate for 2 products and not the other 2. We did run the scenarios and the rates and prices are correct based on their pricing in Marksman - we just need the par rate to be displayed for all.

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  • Lori Rezac
  • Mar 24 2017
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